Acceptable Use Policy

By using the testbed you accept the following rules and conditions. Violations against these rules can be reported to

General rules

The following activities/experiments are prohibited on the testbed:

Do not share your account credentials, use topology permissions for shared experiments.

Communication is key

When experiments show strange behavior, administrators have to decide whether this is expected behavior or an experiment that ran out of control. Without enough information about your experiment, administrators might come to the wrong conclusion and terminate it. You can prevent this from happening if you…

Be fair to others

Internet rules

On public external networks (i.e. the Internet) additional rules apply.

Address dicipline


Please note that under certain jurisdictions (e.g. Germany, “Störerhaftung”) you can be hold liable for damage that is done by others using resources that you are responsible for. By using a public address, you agree to free the platform provider and the resource providers from this kind of liabilty by taking over both the control as well as the responsibility over the resources of your topology.

Prohibited services

The following services are in general prohibited and must not be provided to an external network.

Access restrictions

Do not access any content via public external networks that you do not normally have access to with your own pc. This especially applies to websites hosting research papers and campus internal services.


Depending on the severity and urgency of the case the following actions may be taken immediatly even without prior warning.

Exceptions to rules

In certain cases, exceptions to these rules are possible when they are crucial to an experiment. Please contact administrators before planning an experiment if you need an exception to one of these rules.


By using the platform you allow the platform provider to collect and keep the following data:

Please note that administrators can access all of your data for debugging or troubleshooting reasons.