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Developer's Manual


This is the ToMaTo advanced user’s manual. This will teach you the advanced functionalities of ToMaTo, allowing you to create powerful tools and scripts to precisely control your ToMaTo experiments.


This manual assumes that you understand the basic concepts of ToMaTo. You should be able to use the editor to create any kind of topology. If this does not apply to you, you should read the user manual first.

For scripting, you should be familar with the some basics of the Python programming language. If you are not familar with Python, you might want to work through the Python tutorials.


This manual consists of multiple sections:

Executable archives will tell you how to create and use executable archives to communicate with your elements.

Repy will help you develop your own Repy scripts to implement simple hosts.

Images will teach you how to create images for container-based and full virtualization devices.

Tools will tell you more about some advanced tools that help you manage your experiments.

API tutorials will teach you how to use the ToMaTo API and its command-line interface.

Examples Contains a list of examples and suggestions how you can make use of the learned technologies. You will be able to create powerful scripts that allow you to completely automatize your experiments.

API references contains a detailed documentation about ToMaTo’s API.

About this manual

This manual is structured in sections, each of which has multiple sub-sections.

Pages about features of ToMaTo contain links to the respective API references for further reading.