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Developer's Manual

Executable Archives

Executable archive is a technology providing the following features:

  • Upload data to a device
  • Execute a certain script right after the upload, and monitor its execution
  • Set a custom status that is accessible via the ToMaTo API
  • Download data from the device

Although these look like completely separate features, they all use the same technologies: RexTFV and nlXTP.


Executable archives communicate with your device via the so-called archive directory. This is a special directory on your device which can be accessed from the host directly via the network-less Execution and Transfer Protocol (nlXTP). This does not make use of traditional network interfaces, meaning that it will not influence your network experiments.

The archive directory is available at a certain location on your device, usually at /mnt/nlXTP. In some cases, the host cannot write into this directory, but reading is always possible. For more information about this, consult the respective device type descriptions in the user manual.