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Developer's Manual

Command-Line Interface

The Command-line interface (CLI) is an application that can be used to access ToMaTo as a shell, or execute simple scripts as client applications.


type ./ --help to see a detailed usage specification.

Testbed Connection

You can use the CLI for any instance of ToMaTo. Thus, you MUST specify a host address.

  • --hostname, or -h: specify host address
  • --port, or -p: specify the port (default: 8000)
  • --protocol: Protocol to use (default: http+xmlrpc)
  • --ssl, or -s: whether to use ssl (default: not set)

Keep in mind that most shells store a history of commands. If you provide your password as an argument in a terminal, it may be stored as clear-text in your shell history!

Instead of these three argument, you can use an API URL instead:

  • --url, -u: URL for the connection.

Internally, the CLI will convert the individual information to a URL to connect.

To connect to the official ToMaTo testbed, run ./ -h

User Login

Additionally, you can provide user login details. If you do not provide any, you will be prompted to type in missing information:

  • --username, or -U: username
  • --password, or -P: password
  • --keyring: if set, the CLI will manage your credentials in your system’s keyring.

Shell Mode

Once you have connected and logged in, you see a typical Python shell.

Additionally to default Python functions and statements, you have access to all API functions as global functions, for example:

>>> topology_list()

Helper functions

Additionally, you have access to the following helper functions which automatize complex default procedures like the upload and use of images.

[TODO: detailed list]


By default, the CLI will show you a python shell. Instead of this, you can use --file or -f to run a script instead. This script can use the same global API functions as the shell.