User Manual


This is the ToMaTo user manual. It is aimed at experimenters that want to make use of an existing testbed infrastructure.

Quick Start

If you want to do a quick start and you already have access to the ToMaTo testbed, you should work through the ToMaTo tutorials. They provide an interactive guide to create your first topologies and try out the most important features of ToMaTo.

Accessing ToMaTo

In order to access the ToMaTo testbed, you need an activated user account. If you are reading this, you probably have the intention to use a running ToMaTo installation. If your installation is not the official ToMaTo testbed, please refer to your respective contact person about how to access it.

ToMaTo offers two different methods to access it: The webfrontend and the API.

The webfrontend is a fully functional, intuitive client with a graphical topology editor running in your web browser. There is no need to install any software on your computer when accessing the testbed via the webfrontend.

The API is an RPC-based interface for any program to connect to ToMaTo directly. It is possible to conduct completely automated experiments by writing scripts which make use of the ToMaTo API. There is a command-line client which can access the ToMaTo API in a python shell.

About This Manual

All links in this manual link to the official ToMaTo testbed. If you are using a different installation, please modify the links accordingly before clicking on them.

If not stated otherwise, all instructions are intended for using the webfrontend.