User Manual


Connections are virtual layer-2 network connections between elements. In the editor, they are represented by a line between the respective elements.

Technology and Properties



Connections are affected by the properties of the physical connections that they are transported over. Inside a single site, this is not a big problem, but between different sites, this will effect your experiment. However, this means that you can apply real-world properties to your connections.

The connections inside and between sites are constantly measured by ToMaTo. You can see these measurements in the sites map by clicking on a site, and then selecting the respective link to the target site.

You should carefully select each of your elements’ sites.

Create a connection

There are two ways to create a connection:

Via Connect Mode

  1. Select the Connect Mode
  2. Click on the first element
  3. Click on the second element

Via Right-Click Menu

  1. Right-click on the first element
  2. Select Connect
  3. Click on the second element

When you create a connection, the respective interface elements are automatically created.

Right-Click Menu

To open the right-click menu of a connection, click on its connection handle. This is the small square in the middle of the line which represents the connection.

Resource usage

You can inspect the resource usage of the connection, including its used CPU, memory, disk space and bandwidth.


To delete a connection, right-click on it and select Delete (or use the Delete mode of the editor). When you delete a connection, the editor automatically deletes the respective interface elements.

Configuration Options

You can configure link emulation and packet capturing on connections.