User Manual


Templates are the initial disk images for devices.

Available Templates

To see a list of available templates, click on Templates under Resources in the main menu. (→ go now) The list of templates contains the most important information, and you can see more information about a template by hovering your mouse over the icons in the right column. To see even more information about templates, you can click on the template’s name.

Some templates are limited due to copyright. To get access to them, you have to ask your administrator.

Determine a Device’s Template

A device’s template is shown in its config menu.

Select template

The editor’s menu includes a list of available templates in its Devices and Network tabs. Most devices in there are identical except for their template.

You can change the template anytime while your device is not started. The template can be selected in the device’s config menu, or by right-clicking on the target element, open the Disk Image submenu, and select Change template.

Changing the template of a prepared device will delete all existing data on the device’s current disk image.